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The Philippines

The Philippines

The Philippines is an irresistible package of old-charm and modernity; with its world-class facilities; its intriguing mix of cultural traditions and one of the most hospitable people on earth. This festive archipelago of 7,107 delightful islands and 100 million fun-loving Filipinos is the most rewarding experience.

Surrounded by the warm waters of the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean, these emerald isles hold countless attractions, from sun-drenched beaches fringed by swaying coconut palm trees, to cascading waterfalls and thrilling rapids, to the sophisticated entertainment and five-star facilities of its cities, to its gracious, centuries-old culture, where the fiesta reigns supreme.

This splendid tradition of warm hospitality will welcome visitors to a rich diverse nation where fun, color, beauty and excitement are never far away. Experienced incentive tour handlers and meeting organizers can draw up a once-in-a lifetime itinerary, arranging tantalizing glimpses of the Philippines’ colorful history and quaint customs, tours of its brilliant nightlife, shopping expeditions for its fine handcrafted products, and visits to its scenic countryside.

The archipelago is a charming blend of east and west, a gentle Asian nation spiced with Spanish pageantry and American verve. Its culture and cuisine reflect this delightful mélange of influences, from the flamboyant jeepney, the swaggering public vehicle originally adapted from U. S Army jeeps, to its native dishes that combine the best of all worlds. It is also the third largest English-speaking country in the world, while Spanish is still spoken fluently by a small segment of the population.

The number and variety of its natural attractions, combined with deluxe accommodations, plush restaurants, modern shopping centers and, most of all, its hospitable people make the Philippines an incredibly versatile and colorful meetings and incentives destination.

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