When hosting events in Malaysia it’s hard not to be struck by the natural beauty of your surrounds. Even bustling KL is a ‘city in a jungle’. Including a sustainable activity in your programme brings groups together to ensure a positive legacy. Here are five of the best, held anywhere from forest floor to function room:

Forest school

It may come as a surprise to find a professional team-building organisation in the middle of a forest, but that’s exactly what Central Strategic Teambuilders (CST) do. Get staff out of the office and head for Taman Negara, a national park around three to four hours’ drive from KL. For international groups, CST will handle everything from airport arrival through to on-site accommodation.

Event programmes include jungle favourites from river rafting to visiting Orang Asli villages, but it’s all with a purpose—CST have serious credentials as professional trainers and facilitators, working with the likes of Petronas, Nokia and Proton.

Tree planting

Since its inception in 2010, the Business Green Tourism Programme run by the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) has seen 8,668 trees planted by 106 organisations. The planting sites are within the FRIM campus in Kepong, around 30-60 minutes’ drive from downtown KL.

Site preparation and planting equipment is provided, and groups pressed for time may also elect for FRIM to plant on their behalf. Within the FRIM National Heritage Site, organisations can also plant a memorial tree, which will be preserved for centuries.

All trees are mapped and stored in the FRIM database, and a plaque will mark the site for those interested in following their progress.

Bicycle building

Need to bring a team together? Asia Ability’s Building a Dream programme does just that, setting teams up in competition, only for them to realise they will not achieve the stated goal unless they work together. This collaborative model promotes sharing best practices, expertise and resources in order to make the most number of bicycles possible.

Passing the rigorous safety checks and presenting the finished products gives a real sense of accomplishment. And the surprise finale? Presenting the finished products to the real “customer”—a group of delighted children.

Sustainable results

Fish Camp Learning (FCL) specialises in delivering long-term solutions for teams looking for more than just bonding, ensuring the beneficial effects are sustained over time. It’s not for every group, this requires an ongoing programme and real commitment from leadership. Huawei, Unilever and Airbus are just some to have benefited.

FCL are also experienced in team-building through CSR, and also offer themed activities such as Hunger Games and Too Fast, Too Furious.

Mangrove manoeuvres

The mangroves of Langkawi are part of the island’s Unesco Geo Park and play a key role in its ecosystem—during tsunamis they have even prevented villages from being swept away.

Exo Travel Malaysia offer kayaking through these natural wonders for groups of 10-12 people accompanied by a local naturalist. Explore the limestone caves, learn about the biodiversity within the mangrove forests and spot long-tail macaques, kingfishers and even white-bellied eagles.