For the Carlsberg global relaunch, ArtScience Museum resembled a futuristic space shuttle, where the 300 guests were welcomed by space-themed costumed hosts and led to the Gallery. Marina Bay Sands worked with Carlsberg to utilise existing features such as the vast white spaces, flanked by silver pillars, with the high-ceilinged gallery resembling a space shuttle chamber.

The entire basement level of ArtScience Museum was transformed into an ultraluxe dining venue for 300 VIPs at the American Express Centurion gala dinner. A kitchen, complete with ovens, was set up in the museum’s heart-of-house area. Nomura booked the entire museum for its gala reception. The extensive set-up required a 24-hour build-up. Personalised lighting gobos with Nomura’s logo were installed on the museum’s exterior and interior.

The Audi A6 exhibition saw the museum’s first live TV telecast with the AM LIVE! morning show on Channel NewsAsia from August 29 to September 2. The reflection pond in the basement was converted into studio space for the presenters. The production company hired by Audi also constructed a custom-made canopy on the first level to safeguard against bad weather. Three Audi A6 cars and one A6 chassis were manoeuvred into the ASM basement through the retail mall back-of-house entrance in the middle of the night for display throughout the nine days.